Oil on canvas. 6″ x 6″

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Oil on canvas. 6″ x 6″


Marci is a student of life, and it has taught her to appreciate the depth of beauty in nature. She focuses on the small things that can be missed by a casual glance. Marci sees the wrinkle in a face, the vein in a flower, the draping fabric because they are an essential piece of beauty. With her art she slows down the world and pauses it for just a moment, capturing the image for eternity. If beauty is relative, it is also essential to the very few moments when we have the opportunity to appreciate its reflection with precision and to embrace its imperfections.

She uses oil paints on canvas or linen, mixed medium, and an occasional watercolor through which she seeks to capture character and beauty. Marci tries to find and create an image that seems to suspend time long enough to study and enjoy each detail. The driving force behind her passion is the opportunity to connect with people through art and personal contact with the community.

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