Joan Joachims's Little French Ladies Traveling in the Time of Quarantine

“In March, all the doors and windows slammed shut, and outdoor travel was banned. The little French ladies had been quite content on their shelf, but now they squirmed. The bird pitcher’s squawked stories were no longer amusing. They sounded like fingernails on a chalkboard. It was clearly time to travel, around the house.”

Written, illustrated, and narrated by Proctor Art Gallery artist member Joan Joachims, The Little French Ladies Traveling in the Time of Quarantine is a charming series that follows the journey of household statuettes as they find adventure during a pandemic. See the original series of paintings all through October 2020 only at Proctor Art Gallery.

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“Part of the success of the gallery is that we interface with the customer. They get to hear about the insight that the artist had in creating that piece, and when they do take it home it means a lot more to them. That’s something you won’t find when you buy online.”
—Pamela Phelps