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3811 N 26th St
Tacoma, WA 98407

Located in the heart of the Proctor Business District, Proctor Art Gallery connects you with local artists from Tacoma, the Puget Sound, and the Pacific Northwest. With a wide variety of styles and mediums (including oil, acrylic, watercolor, scratchboard, fused glass, woodworking, jewelry, art cards, sculpture, pottery, and more), we have beautifully handmade pieces for every taste and budget. One of our artists is always on duty to help with your selection. We take pride in providing a friendly and personalized experience every time you walk in the door. Founded in 2009 by local artist Carolyn Burt and her husband Chuck Gourley, and purchased in 2016 by local jewelry designer Pamela Phelps, Proctor Art Gallery is the ultimate connection to local art.

Are you ready to invest in a great piece of local art? Are you planning a gift for an upcoming special occasion? With the Proctor Art Gallery layaway program, you can reserve your favorite piece today and spread the cost over several payments (usually 3). Live with the art of your dreams and pay without straining your budget. There are no fees attached to the layaway program; we want to connect you with the art of your dreams. Reach out to us to layaway your favorite piece before it sells!

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Before becoming owner of Proctor Art Gallery in 2016, Pamela was an artist member of the Gallery with more than 17 years of experience designing one-of-a-kind jewelry and wearable art pieces. She is passionate about local artists and about building connections across the community. Pamela believes in providing approachable, individualized customer service and gets a thrill from helping first-time art buyers connect with the unique, handmade pieces at Proctor Art Gallery.

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Situated around N 26th Street and N Proctor Street, the Proctor District unifies the North End neighborhood of Tacoma and features a variety of retail stores, restaurants, and entertainment venues. Named after prominent Tacoma architect John G. Proctor, Proctor Street and the Proctor District continue a long history of connecting the community with local businesses and artists. Proctor Art Gallery sits at the heart of this historic area, and many of the neighborhood features can be seen from the gallery windows, including the prominent statue of Allen C. Mason, the pioneer and developer who helped build the North End of Tacoma in the late 1800s.

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