Linda Jacobus

What is a unique technique you use in your work, and where did you learn it?
I look for the light and patterns of shadows. I feel it was developed through years of seeing the truth that was right in front of me. Understanding what feels right or wrong.

Where does your subject matter come from? Where do you find inspiration?
My subject matter can be almost anything as long as it gives me a good feeling before I start to paint it. When the light and shadows portray a good composition in the set up it really inspires me.

What is special about the materials or tools you use in your work?
It means so much to me when I find canvas or panels that work with me, not against me. Or brushes that make a brush stroke that makes a statement.

What do you like most about our region?
I am in awe with God’s beautiful creation of the Pacific Northwest. The mountains, trees, off the road creek beds, and Mt. Rainier took my breath away when I first set my eyes on it. There is so much more of this gorgeous state I would love to explore.


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