Andrea Newell Greenfield

Where do you find inspiration?
Much of my subject matter is inspired by the natural world around us. I have always loved birds and currently live with two cockatiels. I love painting all types of birds. My garden is another source of inspiration with lots of flowers and vegetation to choose from.

What is unique about the tools and materials you use?
I work mostly in transparent watercolor. This medium allows for the white of the paper to show through for vibrancy or the layering of colors for different effects. It can be used very tightly for a controlled look or very loosely with lots of water for a spontaneous feel. The unexpected can always happen with watercolor.

What do you like most about the region?
I like the Pacific Northwest for all the natural beauty that surrounds us. Looking out my front door, I can see Mt. Rainier. Looking out my backdoor, I see the Olympics. A walk along the waterfront or through a forest is moments away. We have four distinct seasons but no extremes in weather: no freezing all winter or sweltering all summer.


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