Ron Fuller

Ron has lived in Olympia, WA, the state capital of Washington, for 20 years. He began designing and building custom furniture in 1996. Retirement from his day job in 2012 allowed him time to focus on his love of wood and woodworking.

Ron received a B.S. in 2001 from The Evergreen State College with a focus on art and design. He is primarily a self-taught woodworker.

Ron is a member of the Evergreen Woodworkers Guild and the Olympia Woodworkers Guild. Ron was a featured visual artist in 2017 and 2014 for University Place for the Arts. He presented in the 2014 Northwest Woodworkers Gallery’s annual juried box competition showing three boxes. He was winner of the Evergreen Woodworkers Guild 2014 annual contest for best wooden box based upon design, wood selection, finishing, joinery, and overall beauty.

I create beautiful and functional hand-crafted and high-quality one-of-a-kind keepsake and jewelry boxes, tables, and custom furniture. I work single-handedly creating art that melds traditional and contemporary design, sometimes with an Asian influence. Each piece is completely my work from the initial concept through design to final finishing.

I use sustainable and non-threatened hardwoods from around the world. Some of my favorite woods are the various types of Maple, Walnut, and Leopard Wood.

My personal designs begin with a basic concept and proceed with a search for a primary piece of wood for the project that speaks to me in a visual and tactile way. When creating a custom piece for a client, I listen and work closely with my client to design and craft creations specific to their needs, tastes, and desires.

My work incorporates significant hand work such as hand-cut dovetails, mortises, tenons, and other joinery and surfacing work in each piece. I finish my pieces with finishes that are elegant and durable yet do not detract from the design or the natural beauty of the wood.

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