Mary Jones Easley

Born in Indianapolis, Indiana, Mary Jones Easley received her Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts from Herron School of Art and Design. She began her career as a graphic artist being contracted by the NBA, NCAA, NFL, MLB, and NHL to design their screen graphics. Some time later, she moved to Burbank, California, to pursue further opportunities. While living there, she was not only a freelance Ink & Paint and Color Key Artist for numerous animation studios including Disney and Warner Bros. Studios, but also hired to paint color models for The Simpsons and King of the Hill animated series. These opportunities helped to advance Mary’s refined color sensitivity, which is dynamically reflected through each of her paintings. She resides in the Seattle area, where she shares a studio with her husband, Martin Easley. Mary’s work hangs in private collections and has been shown in galleries in Indianapolis, Burbank, North Hollywood, Pasadena, Chicago, Miami, and Seattle.

Where does your subject matter come from? Where do you find inspiration?
“I have created a series of portraits of friends and people who inspire me as well as an ongoing series of mood based paintings. I am currently working on a collaborative series of paintings with my husband, Martin Easley.”

What is special about the materials or tools you use in your work?
“I photograph the subjects myself for my artwork. I find I connect better with the subject and I am ultimately more passionate about the piece. But there is a certain point at which I set the photo aside and rely more on my intuition. I use the photography as reference, but I rely on intuition to convey to the viewer a sense of who the person is… a sense that they know the person.”

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