Marquita Hunt

I was born in Tacoma and I grew up in Lakewood. I’m proud to say I’m definitely a local artist!

After attending California College of Arts and Crafts in Oakland, California, I came home to marry and raise two wonderful sons. During that time, I worked as an interior designer for a well-established furniture store. I was fortunate to take some workshops from painter Henry Stinson.

Eventually, I began my own decorative painting business, ILLUSIONS, where I explored and expanded my expertise. My talents were utilized in faux finishing, marbleizing, and murals from jungles to countryside landscapes.

I love color! I love paint! I love the smell and feel of this medium.

My landscapes and florals are typically done in oil. I prefer my abstracts to evolve from my experience with music. Just as the music is fast, so flows the color and my inspiration. I find it fascinating to envision color, line, and negative and positive space at the same time. Abstracts are the most pure form of my creativity.

I hope you enjoy the energy and flow of my paintings, left there forever on canvas as my gift.

MediumOilLocationTacoma, WA

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