Jim Clagg

Where do you find inspiration?
I enjoy a wide range of subject mater from portraits, landscapes, seascapes, and city scenes. Scenes of Tacoma interest me, which leads me into a lot of buildings in my paintings. I try to counter the heaviness of the structures by incorporating people into the scenes to add human interest. Something I have found that is essential is a passion for the subject matter at hand. Trying to force a painting to completion when this is missing is a waste of time to my thinking.

What do you like most about the region?
Tacoma offers a good range of interests. Being right on the water offers countless opportunities for the artist. Add the mountains around us that are easily accessible together with the ocean a hundred miles away, throw in a wide variety of parks, both local and national, and you have much to love here.

MediumAcrylic, Oil, Watercolor, InkLocationTacoma, WA

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