Gina Kling

Where do you find inspiration?
I have lived in the Pacific Northwest all my life, and I draw much of my inspiration from ocean life and from our ever present Mount Rainier. I am also part Native American and draw inspiration from my years working for my tribe and from how far we the Cowlitz have come.

What is unique about the tools and materials you use?
There are many factors in the process of raku that influence the finished product, so it is always a surprise. Raku glazes contain a variety of minerals that give the pottery a metallic finish. When the kiln reaches 1,800 degrees, it is turned off and the pieces are removed as quickly as possible and placed into garbage cans that have been lined with newspaper. The paper catches fire, and another person will put the lid on to extinguish the flames. You often can see later where the flames went out “painting the colors” on the pottery. The humidity, outside temperature, how quickly the pottery is remove and placed in the cans, how fresh the glaze is, all are factors that contribute to what colors will show up on each piece. Every raku firing is a unique and exciting experience.

MediumRaku PotteryLocationTacoma, WA

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