Christine Johnson

Describe one technique you often use in your art and how you developed that skill:
My work requires the technique of sawing, a skill I developed over time by repetition and always challenging myself to go to the next level. I love creating intricate pieces like butterfly wings, insects, and birds to name just a few.

Where does your subject matter come from? Where do you find inspiration?
My inspiration for some of my pieces comes from my nature walks and my love for all animals. I believe that nature can be the purest form of inspiration. I love bird watching, and that has inspired my variety of bird pendants.

What is special about the materials or tools you use in your work?
I work with a variety of metals, but copper, silver, and bronze are my favorite. I find they create the most beautiful hues and shades of colors when I oxidize them with liver of sulfur, bringing out dimension and taking the piece to a higher level of beauty.

MediumJewelryLocationUniversity Place,

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