Cari Thompson

Cari graduated from Penn State, with degrees in Fine Art and Art Education. She later earned a degree in Fashion Design and traveled to Europe for both career and spiritual endeavors. When she returned to the US, she settled in Carmel, CA, where she was mentored by a Master Painter in the classic Renaissance style. She spent countless hours studying and refining her skills in drawing, composition, color, and design. Her intention is to create artwork that inspires and nurtures the human spirit, by helping to restore beauty and optimism to a rapidly changing world.

I believe there is far more to life than meets the eye, and for many years I studied archetypes and mystical symbolism. I was taught to “paint first what everyone sees, and then to reveal what no one sees.” I love using bright colors to render the beauty of nature, as well as lighthearted, surreal subject matter, like M&Ms that take off into space, and butterflies sharing the sky with spaceships. Hopefully, these images invite people to wonder where we came from, why we’re here, and where we’re going.


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